Friday, October 24, 2008

Lee and Vanessa McMillan Baby

Lee (Elder McMillan) wanted to make sure any former mission companions/buddies were invited to the baby blessing of his first son, Carter, on November 2nd at 9:00 a.m. The church building is located at 56 S. 1300 W. in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He would love to have you come. Also just in case you don't have their blog site it is Thanks, Lee, Vanessa, and Carter McMillan

Lee and Vanessa, by sure to send me (Sister E.) some pictures of Carter and his parents on the blessing day and I'll post them for everyone. We will not be able to attend because our neighbors are blessing their baby on that same day. We're anxious to see the pics though. Love to all three of you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reunion Pics + A Few Others

Finally, a look at the reunion. The first few pictures are from other events. I'll try to identify each pic. Thank you so much to all who were able to attend the reunion. We had a great time. The Jeppsens were in charge of set up and getting the building and it was perfect. Everyone brought food...we had plenty, and the night was spent in visiting. I've never seen President so social! He really enjoyed it. We decided from now on we'll have the reunion on the Friday evening of October General Conference. We'll probably have it in Bountiful again, and next time we will organize a program and have President do some teaching. Again, thanks to everyone who helped make it a great night.
Richard Shelman and his wife with the Evansons.

Aaron McKinley (12)....that head of his is good for lots of things!

Kathy Hayes was not able to attend the reunion, but you can get a glimpse of her with Tim Hayes doing their summer job. They are currently serving in St. George on another full-time mission. This pic was taken before their current assignment.

Danny Wood standing beside the Tingeys (they brought us some corn which was great), the Brians, Tim Hayes and the Jenkinses.

Bryce Warr and Jonathan Parker.

Andrew Gawdun, Heidi Bailey and Bryce Warr.

Sam Swenson (who wasn't at the top of his Chinese Checker game that night) and President.

The Girls +1: Alli Moyes, Heidi Bailey, Leslie Orme, Melissa Nickle, Jaimi Stokes, and Tyler Holmquist.

The Girls In Force: Front: Eileen Seavers Thorpe, Heidi Bailey, Rebecca Carter, Brooke Devey Wilson, Leslie Orme; Back: Alli Moyes, Rachel Redman, Shannon Van Patton, Jaimi Stokes, Melissa Nickle, Elissa Stewart

Tim Hayes, Virginia Jenkins, John Evans, Danny Wood, Mark and Nancy Tingey and Steven Hess.

Bob Richins and Kaity and Craig Singleton

Rachel Redman, Danny Wood, Alli Moyes and Shannon Van Patton.
Lurlen and Janet Knight, Betty Gregson and her daughter.

David Howard and Kellan Pecht.

Spencer Hichenlooper and his date.

Tim Hayes, Virginia and Doug Jenkins, Mark and Nancy Tingey.

Tim Hayes, Mary Brian, Doug Jenkins, Jensen Brian, John Evans

The Wilsons (Sister Devey)

Kevin Clarke, Jordan Abbott, Jeremy Atkinson

Zach Cadman (who brought me 200 paper clips!), Zach Kinder and Joe Edmonds with a friend.

Mary and Jensen Brian

Kyle Allen, The Benches, David Howard

The Atkinsons and Larry Thorpe

Clint Womack and Ben Atwood

Kale Tanner and Danny Wood

Michael Leishman

Travis Slade, Carter Wilford, Ben Atwood

Shawn Cobbley, Adam Kirk, David Perley, Andrew Gawdun, Shannon Van Patton, Rebecca Carter

Zach Kinder, Joe Edmonds, John Evans, Parker Woody, Devon Garner, Danny Wood, Zach Cadman

Craig Singleton, Kellan Pecht, Danny Koller, Amber Koller, Michael Leishman, Rachel Redman, Elissa Stewart, Bob Richens, Kaity Singleton
Jeremy Atkinson and wife, Sam Swenson, Steve Hess, Kevin Clarke, Ron Halbert, Jordan Abbott and wife and baby!