Friday, September 4, 2009

Food Assignments

Please email me if your assignment is a problem. If you want to bring something else with your assignment, feel free. Some of you are "famous" for certain recipes. If you want your assignment switched we'll work on it. Please confirm via email, so I know. (*) means you have confirmed. Thanks! All of you maybes, when you become a yes let me know, and if we're missing some let me know that, too.
*Allen, Kyle--platter of sliced tomatoes
Andersen, Ann--coming
Bailey, Heidi (maybe)
*Baldree, Christian--sliced fruit
Barnett, Max--2 doz rolls/buns
Bench, Karl--big platter of sliced onion and tomato
Benjamin, Nathan--can't make it
*Bensons--5 lbs. sliced beef
*Beverly, Jeff --2 doz rolls/buns
Bonner, Matthew--dill pickles (big jar, sliced for sandwiches)
*Brians, Mary and Jenson--large salad
*Brummage, Alice--salad
Brunson, Cody--2 doz rolls/buns
Bunker, Trevor--maybe
*Chatterleys--5 lbs. sliced turkey
Christiansen, Jake--3-4 lbs. meat
*Clark, Cameron--dessert
*Clark, Jared--2 doz rolls/buns
Clarke, Kevin--2 bags potato chips
*Clinton, Wes--Big jar Mayo
*Conlin, Aaron--ice
Costello, Kris--sliced fruit
*Crane, Joey--2 doz rolls/buns
Craw, Emily--dessert for 20
Crockett, Skyler--sliced fruit
*Devey, Brooke (Wilson)--sliced fruit
*Dilts, Danny--2 doz rolls/buns
*Eastman, Paul--5 lbs. sliced beef
Edmonds, Joe--Bread and Butter Pickles (big jar)
Evans, John--2 bags potato chips
Evansons--10 lbs sliced ham, plastic cutlery, coolers for water
*Farr, Loren--salad
Forbes, Brayden--2 bags potato chips
Fowers, David--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
*Gardner, Michael--2 doz rolls/buns
Garner, Devon--Big jar pickles
Gawdun, Andrew--Banana Peppers (big jar)
Gilberts--5 lbs. sliced cheese
*Greenhalgh, Adam--2 bags potato chips
Halbert, Ron--2 doz rolls
*Hale, Steve--big platter sliced tomatoes
Hall, Jeff --olives (big #10 can sliced, they have them at Sams)
*Hansen, Trace--2 doz rolls/buns
*Hayes, Tim and Kathy--5-10 lbs. sliced turkey
*Hedrick, Julie--salad
Heiner, Michael--maybe
*Hickenlooper, Spencer--paper plates
*Holmquist, Tyler--2 dozen rolls
*Hord, Seth--sliced fruit
*Hoskin, Chris--200 paper cups
Hulse, Travis--100 sturdy paper plates
Hunt, Colton (maybe)
Ilfra, Sam--pickles
Jackson, Nic (maybe)
*Jacobsen, Jordan--sliced fruit
*Jensen, Linsey--dessert for 20
*Jeppsen, Bob and Patsy--table paper, tape, set-up, name tags
Kirk, Adam--2 bags potato chips
*Koelling, Curtis--Big bottle Ranch
*Kunz, Mark--200 cups
Larsens--5 lbs. sliced cheese
Larson, Jeff --sliced fruit
Leishman, Michael --200 sturdy paper plates
*McCarty, Alex--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
McKinley, Aaron--Red Wine Vinegerett Salad Dressing
Martin, Charles--2 bags ice
Miller, Janae--salad
Molis, Blake--1000+ napkins
Morgan, Dustin--3 heads lettuce broken up for sandwiches
*Moyes, Allie--dessert for 20
Neider, Sister--grapes (big bowl)
*Ogden, Seth--dill pickles, (big jar, sliced)
*Orme, Leslie--salad
*Parker, Jonathan--salad
Pecht, Kellen--grapes (big bowl)
*Poole, Brian--sweet pickles (big jar)
*Redford, Tyson--cups
Robertson, Erik--banana peppers (big jar)
Rowell, Justin--200 dessert plates
Skousen, Brent (probably)
Slade, Travis--2 jars Ranch (for sandwiches)
*Smith, Dan--2 doz. rolls
*Stewert, Elissa--dessert for 20
*Stokes, Jaimi--dessert for 20
Takapu, Junior--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
*Tanner, Vergene--salad
Tenney, Annie--5 lbs. sliced cheese
Thompson, Eric--2 big bags of ice
Thorpe, Larry and (Seivers) Eileen (maybe)
VanPatten, Shannon--big platter sliced onions and tomatoes
*Wayman, Jordan--2 bags potato chips
White, Cory--sliced olives (big can)
Wilford, Carter--2 lbs. sliced cheese
Williams, Spencer--2 Mustards (good size, squeeze jar)
*Wood, Daniel--Miracle Whip (big jar)
Woody, Parker--mayo (big jar)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sister Marge Eastman

Sister Eastman passed away on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 from complications from pneumonia. She will be missed. All of us in the Georgia Macon Mission learned to love this lady because of her smile, love and constant devotion to each missionary. I can't remember her ever being cranky. Her life exemplified our Savior's teachings in every way. She loved life, she loved missionaries and we all loved her.

Funeral services: Saturday, August 29, 2009, 11:00 am; 965 N. Locust Avenue, Provo, Utah, South Chapel.
In lieu of flowers the family has asked that donations be made to the Perpetual Education Fund or Primary Children's Hospital in Marge Eastman's name.
Cards may be sent to Paul Eastman at 474 W. 300 S Unit D, Springville, Utah 84663

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's Get Going....

The "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner List" is finally updated. If I've missed someone who has let me know, email me immediately with a reminder. (My life has been a little crazy with school starting and everything.) It is now time for all of us to step up our efforts. All you facebookers get the word out. Hunt down those who served with us and get them to let me know #1. What they are doing and #2. Whether or not they can come. I'd like to start getting food assignments out soon. Give them the blog address. I will start putting food assignments on the Guess Who's Coming To Dinner List soon. We're getting excited!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's time for this year's reunion. We have talked with many of you and it sounds like there will be a great turnout. We learned some things from last year:
1. We need a little more structure. Hence the proposed schedule, to the right...
2. We know there is lots of talent, so start now to send us suggestions for the program. Feel free to volunteer your talents or those of others.
3. I think the meal went well, so we'll set it up much like last year.
There are also many of you we have not seen. We hope, if it is at all possible, that you will be in Bountiful on October 2 for the GMM 05-08 Reunion....SAVE THE DAY!!

I'm sending emails out to those whose emails I have. I tried facebook once for about two weeks and found myself spending way too much time on it, so I've abandoned that. I need those of you who are on it to get the word out (info is to the right). Refer everyone to this blog. I'll keep information here. Let me know as soon as you know if you'll be coming and I'll start the food assignments. Please, everyone, help me reach out and find every single GMM missionary who served during July 05 to June 08.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Articulate Discussion about Being a Mormon

I signed up with Vimeo (free) at and then searched for "Day of Faith, Rachel Esplin."
This is the link to her part of a panel discussion of different faiths. She was amazing. I took the time to watch all of the participants. I was able to access the interview just by clicking on this link from the GMM Blog. My computer would run the video for about 15 seconds and then stop for 15 seconds, then run another 15 seconds. However, I found if I just let the computer run through the stop and starts that when I played it the second time, it ran clear through.
Rachel is a junior at Harvard and "Day of Faith" is sponsored by the University. In my opinion, she was incredible. I learned a lot about presentation and the logical beauty of our religion.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Lunch

What a great Saturday afternoon...we're going to have more of these little get-togethers. John Levesque was visiting from Maine and Nathan Schaat was in SLC for the weekend. So, Danny Dilts, Shannon Van Patten and Rachel Redman loaded them up and they all came north for a visit. Trace and Michelle Hansen and Bob Richens came over from Logan. It was a super afternoon. Watch the blog and we'll plan another Saturday afternoon GMM lunch date. You will not get an individual invitation. I'll set a date, you check your calendar and let us know (call, text, whatever) if you plan to come. I'll fix lunch, we'll visit for a few hours and just keep up with what everyone is doing. Spouses and dates are welcome.

Shannon and Rachel in front. John, Danny, Brad, Brent (aka President), and Nathan.

Rachel trying to catch up on some sleep.

John, Danny and Shannon.

Nathan, Brad and Bob.

Trace and Michelle.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Macon Get Together at the Harrisons

Brent and Brother Harold Harrison
Sister Barbara Burns

Brother Eddie Peacock!

Rachel Harrison and Brother Jack Burns.
Patty Harrison, Shirley Harris, Vickie Smith and Brother Mitch Harris.
I tried Facebook for awhile and was able to connect with several missionaries. It was good to hear about what you all are doing, but I found myself spending too much time on the computer. So, I'm back to blogging. It seems I can post and then be about all the other things that need doing. I may check Facebook occasionally, but I won't be on it much. Above are a few pictures from our Friday night (March 6, 2009) Get Together at the Harrison's in Macon. It was so good to see these Southern friends.

Alma Chapel

This is the Alma Chapel that was dedicated on March 8. See the story below (March Is Almost Over.) If anyone can get this blog site to Elder Tyler Craig, I would really appreciate it. We have been unable to make contact with him. He needs to see this building and he needs to know we love him.

March Is Almost Over!!!

It's been awhile. We were able to go to Georgia the first of the month for the Alma chapel dedication. It was an incredible weekend. We arrived in Atlanta about midnight on Thursday. Drove to Macon and stayed with Vickie and Wayne Smith. Brad was with us. On Saturday Brent and I drove down to Douglas and stayed at President Fussell and Tami's Lake House. (Brad stayed in Macon to spend time with school and church friends.) We had dinner with the Fussell's at the Flying Cowboy...a great local restaurant. I had BBQ'd meatloaf and it was delicious! They BBQ everything in the South.

Sunday morning we attended the dedication. It was...just incredible. Brent spoke briefly about the promise his Dad had made 44 years ago..."Alma would have a chapel if they remained faithful." President Fussell gave a beautiful dedicatory prayer. The chapel was filled...lots of visitors. During the Sunday School session, one of the visitors was called to the pulpit. Elder Delores Stokes (currently living in Tremonton (Bothwell), Utah) who was the first missionary in the Alma area 67 years ago. He told of having meetings in the old Rockwell School. People came from miles around in their buckboards. One family, the Boatwrights, testified to Elder Stokes that they joined the church because a member of the family had heard and seen Elder Stokes in vision before he ever came to Georgia. Brother Stokes has remained in contact with the Boatwrights and they let him know of the dedication. As he spoke, he thanked the people of the South for teaching him about service. He said, "I grew up on a farm and knew how to work, but you people taught me how to serve. My life had been full because I have served ever since my mission."

I thought a lot about his statement, "I knew how to work, but you taught me how to serve." I think work + love = service. The Southerners taught me about service as well.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January In Idaho!

Visiting today from the SLC area...Danny Dilts, Shannon VanPatten, Rachel Redman and Mike Leishman. They are headed up to the cabin with President and Brandon (our son) to do some snowmobiling. It's so good to see them!