Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe Or Sorry...

Andersen, Brady -- sorry, schedule issues
Ahmu, Adam -- sorry -- too far away... Missouri
Bunker, Trevor -- sorry -- San Diego, grad school, computer engineering
Bailey, Heidi (Moss) -- sorry -- schedules and distance
Brian, Mary and Jensen -- out of town that weekend
Carr, Reed & Donna -- sorry -- Donna is teaching seminary and they're too far away.
Clark, Cameron -- too far, too many commitments
Costello, Kris -- teaching school, can't get off (English teacher)
Daylee, Jolee -- maybe --getting married Sept. 24
Enlow, Alex -- too far...Colorado
Farmer, Dallen -- sorry -- work
Florence, Riley -- maybe -- waiting on schedules
Gawdun, Andrew -- sorry...got to work
Hanks, Ben -- sorry -- too far...Texas
Hord, Seth -- Scheduling
Jackson, Nic -- sorry -- in Hawaii...I'll bet he's not very sorry!
(Jenkins) Randall, Virginia -- too far away, Arizona
Kimball, Michael (Calif) -- maybe
Lambert, Jeff -- sorry -- too far...Colorado
Linsday, Jim and Penelope -- sorry --They are planning on being at the reunion next year, but are currently serving another mission.
Ogden, Seth -- sorry -- Moving into their home that weekend.
Michael, Todd -- sorry -- scheduling issues
Miller, Jon -- sorry -- too far Texas
Nielson, Don & Nay -- sorry, They send their love to all.
Peavler, Nate -- sorry -- in school at the U of New Mexico
Rowell, Justin -- scheduling issues
Saunders, Josh -- sorry -- working for the Hendersen Police Dept and can't take any time off.
Seman, Brad -- maybe -- looking for a ride from Rexburg
Sherberts, Mark and LaVerne -- scheduling issues
Skousen, Brent -- sorry -- work, school, too far away...Arizona
Steele, Michael -- sorry
Rich, Spencer -- maybe
Stewart, Elissa -- sorry -- too far away...California
Teare, Brody -- maybe
Thomas, Aileen -- sorry
Thomas, Ambria -- sorry
Tingeys -- sorry
Wheeler, Sarah -- sorry -- too far Kansas
Wilkinson, Stephen -- sorry -- too far away...Nebraska...med school
Williams, Spencer -- sorry
Wilson, Brooke (Devey) -- sorry, baby Peyton is having open heart surgery Oct. 6
Womack, Clint -- not this year...baby on the way

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Food Assignments

(Needed stuff...buns, meat, cheese, salads, chips, paper plates, napkins, condiments, dessert, ice)
Abbott, Jordan (3) -- cubed watermelon
Atkinson, Jeremy (2) -- 2 doz. rolls
Barnes, Jake (2) -- cubed watermelon
Barnett, Max(3) -- 2 doz rolls and a dessert
Benjamin, Nathan -- 2 dozen rolls
Benson, Lloyd and Sandra(2) -- 5 lbs. sliced cheese
Beverley, Jeff(2) -- dessert (trez leche cake)
Chatterleys (2) --meat
Christiansen, Jake -- napkins (lots)
Crockett, Skyler (2) -- salad
Dilts, Danny and Allie (Moyes) -- 2 bags chips
Eastman, Paul and Illa -- 5 lbs. sliced beef
Evanson, Brent and Dotty(2) -- 5 lbs. sliced ham
Fowers, David -- 2 bags chips
Gardner, Michael (2) -- 2 doz. rolls and ice
Halbert, Ronald -- cubed watermelon
Hall, Jeff -- 2 12-pkgs soda
Hansen, Trace(3) -- dessert
Holmquist, Tyler -- 2 bags chips
Holyoak, Emily(Craw) and Brant(2) -- dessert
Hoskin, Chris -- cups and utensils
Jacobsen, Jordan -- fruit bowl
Jeppsen, Bob and Patsy(2) -- 5 lbs. turkey
Larson, Jeff (2) -- salad
McKee, Jeremiah: sliced cheese
Morgan, Dustin (2) -- paper plates
Perley, David -- 2 heads of lettuce
Poole, Brian -- dessert
Silva, Brittan -- 2 dozen rolls
Skinner, Dallin -- 2 dozen rolls
Slade, Travis -- dessert
Smith, Dan -- big bottle of pickles
Spendlove, Aaron -- pickles
Tanner, Vergene (2) -- large salad
Taylor, Jonathan (3) -- large salad
Thorpe, Larry and Eileen (Seavers) -- sliced tomatoes
Warr, Bryce (2) -- fruit
Wood, Danny (2) -- large salad
Woody, Parker (2)-- mayonaise

Reunion 2010

It's time for another reunion!!! The info for date, time, place is posted to the right. This year, rather than me making assignments for the dinner, I would like you to email me with what you would like to bring. We'll do the same sandwich, salad, chips and dessert routine. Senior couples, I will need you to help with the meat and cheese. I'll post the list of who is coming and what they are bringing on the blog. I will email everyone I have emails for with the blog address. Those of you who facebook please spread the word, or if you see, write or contact any of our people, please let them know. I need everyone's help here. I'll be in touch! Check last year's list below if you need ideas of what to bring.