Friday, September 4, 2009

Food Assignments

Please email me if your assignment is a problem. If you want to bring something else with your assignment, feel free. Some of you are "famous" for certain recipes. If you want your assignment switched we'll work on it. Please confirm via email, so I know. (*) means you have confirmed. Thanks! All of you maybes, when you become a yes let me know, and if we're missing some let me know that, too.
*Allen, Kyle--platter of sliced tomatoes
Andersen, Ann--coming
Bailey, Heidi (maybe)
*Baldree, Christian--sliced fruit
Barnett, Max--2 doz rolls/buns
Bench, Karl--big platter of sliced onion and tomato
Benjamin, Nathan--can't make it
*Bensons--5 lbs. sliced beef
*Beverly, Jeff --2 doz rolls/buns
Bonner, Matthew--dill pickles (big jar, sliced for sandwiches)
*Brians, Mary and Jenson--large salad
*Brummage, Alice--salad
Brunson, Cody--2 doz rolls/buns
Bunker, Trevor--maybe
*Chatterleys--5 lbs. sliced turkey
Christiansen, Jake--3-4 lbs. meat
*Clark, Cameron--dessert
*Clark, Jared--2 doz rolls/buns
Clarke, Kevin--2 bags potato chips
*Clinton, Wes--Big jar Mayo
*Conlin, Aaron--ice
Costello, Kris--sliced fruit
*Crane, Joey--2 doz rolls/buns
Craw, Emily--dessert for 20
Crockett, Skyler--sliced fruit
*Devey, Brooke (Wilson)--sliced fruit
*Dilts, Danny--2 doz rolls/buns
*Eastman, Paul--5 lbs. sliced beef
Edmonds, Joe--Bread and Butter Pickles (big jar)
Evans, John--2 bags potato chips
Evansons--10 lbs sliced ham, plastic cutlery, coolers for water
*Farr, Loren--salad
Forbes, Brayden--2 bags potato chips
Fowers, David--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
*Gardner, Michael--2 doz rolls/buns
Garner, Devon--Big jar pickles
Gawdun, Andrew--Banana Peppers (big jar)
Gilberts--5 lbs. sliced cheese
*Greenhalgh, Adam--2 bags potato chips
Halbert, Ron--2 doz rolls
*Hale, Steve--big platter sliced tomatoes
Hall, Jeff --olives (big #10 can sliced, they have them at Sams)
*Hansen, Trace--2 doz rolls/buns
*Hayes, Tim and Kathy--5-10 lbs. sliced turkey
*Hedrick, Julie--salad
Heiner, Michael--maybe
*Hickenlooper, Spencer--paper plates
*Holmquist, Tyler--2 dozen rolls
*Hord, Seth--sliced fruit
*Hoskin, Chris--200 paper cups
Hulse, Travis--100 sturdy paper plates
Hunt, Colton (maybe)
Ilfra, Sam--pickles
Jackson, Nic (maybe)
*Jacobsen, Jordan--sliced fruit
*Jensen, Linsey--dessert for 20
*Jeppsen, Bob and Patsy--table paper, tape, set-up, name tags
Kirk, Adam--2 bags potato chips
*Koelling, Curtis--Big bottle Ranch
*Kunz, Mark--200 cups
Larsens--5 lbs. sliced cheese
Larson, Jeff --sliced fruit
Leishman, Michael --200 sturdy paper plates
*McCarty, Alex--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
McKinley, Aaron--Red Wine Vinegerett Salad Dressing
Martin, Charles--2 bags ice
Miller, Janae--salad
Molis, Blake--1000+ napkins
Morgan, Dustin--3 heads lettuce broken up for sandwiches
*Moyes, Allie--dessert for 20
Neider, Sister--grapes (big bowl)
*Ogden, Seth--dill pickles, (big jar, sliced)
*Orme, Leslie--salad
*Parker, Jonathan--salad
Pecht, Kellen--grapes (big bowl)
*Poole, Brian--sweet pickles (big jar)
*Redford, Tyson--cups
Robertson, Erik--banana peppers (big jar)
Rowell, Justin--200 dessert plates
Skousen, Brent (probably)
Slade, Travis--2 jars Ranch (for sandwiches)
*Smith, Dan--2 doz. rolls
*Stewert, Elissa--dessert for 20
*Stokes, Jaimi--dessert for 20
Takapu, Junior--3-4 lbs. sliced meat
*Tanner, Vergene--salad
Tenney, Annie--5 lbs. sliced cheese
Thompson, Eric--2 big bags of ice
Thorpe, Larry and (Seivers) Eileen (maybe)
VanPatten, Shannon--big platter sliced onions and tomatoes
*Wayman, Jordan--2 bags potato chips
White, Cory--sliced olives (big can)
Wilford, Carter--2 lbs. sliced cheese
Williams, Spencer--2 Mustards (good size, squeeze jar)
*Wood, Daniel--Miracle Whip (big jar)
Woody, Parker--mayo (big jar)