Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Evanson Homecoming

July 20 was a great day! The Evansons got to see a bunch of returned missionaries! Our bishop's wife said to me, "We're being taken over by missionaries." Can you think of a better fate?? The musical number was the highlight of the meeting. The front of the chapel and all the choir area was filled with missionaries singing the Georgia Macon Mission Theme Song. It was stirring. I took several pictures at the dinner after and will get them posted next week(my last posting)...we're off to Canada in the morning to see President E's family. Along with seeing many of our missionaries, we were able to meet many parents of missionaries still serving. It was a very tender day. Our prayers are with the mission, may each of you realize your own personal goals by working hard and moving forward with faith. We love all y'all! Brad says, "Hi."