Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe Or Sorry...

Andersen, Brady -- sorry, schedule issues
Ahmu, Adam -- sorry -- too far away... Missouri
Bunker, Trevor -- sorry -- San Diego, grad school, computer engineering
Bailey, Heidi (Moss) -- sorry -- schedules and distance
Brian, Mary and Jensen -- out of town that weekend
Carr, Reed & Donna -- sorry -- Donna is teaching seminary and they're too far away.
Clark, Cameron -- too far, too many commitments
Costello, Kris -- teaching school, can't get off (English teacher)
Daylee, Jolee -- maybe --getting married Sept. 24
Enlow, Alex -- too far...Colorado
Farmer, Dallen -- sorry -- work
Florence, Riley -- maybe -- waiting on schedules
Gawdun, Andrew -- to work
Hanks, Ben -- sorry -- too far...Texas
Hord, Seth -- Scheduling
Jackson, Nic -- sorry -- in Hawaii...I'll bet he's not very sorry!
(Jenkins) Randall, Virginia -- too far away, Arizona
Kimball, Michael (Calif) -- maybe
Lambert, Jeff -- sorry -- too far...Colorado
Linsday, Jim and Penelope -- sorry --They are planning on being at the reunion next year, but are currently serving another mission.
Ogden, Seth -- sorry -- Moving into their home that weekend.
Michael, Todd -- sorry -- scheduling issues
Miller, Jon -- sorry -- too far Texas
Nielson, Don & Nay -- sorry, They send their love to all.
Peavler, Nate -- sorry -- in school at the U of New Mexico
Rowell, Justin -- scheduling issues
Saunders, Josh -- sorry -- working for the Hendersen Police Dept and can't take any time off.
Seman, Brad -- maybe -- looking for a ride from Rexburg
Sherberts, Mark and LaVerne -- scheduling issues
Skousen, Brent -- sorry -- work, school, too far away...Arizona
Steele, Michael -- sorry
Rich, Spencer -- maybe
Stewart, Elissa -- sorry -- too far away...California
Teare, Brody -- maybe
Thomas, Aileen -- sorry
Thomas, Ambria -- sorry
Tingeys -- sorry
Wheeler, Sarah -- sorry -- too far Kansas
Wilkinson, Stephen -- sorry -- too far school
Williams, Spencer -- sorry
Wilson, Brooke (Devey) -- sorry, baby Peyton is having open heart surgery Oct. 6
Womack, Clint -- not this on the way