Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zone Conferences...Macon, Albany, Douglas

Zone Conferences began in Macon on April 29. We were in Albany on April 30 and then on to Douglas on May 1. The emphasis was on finding and sacrifice. The missionaries will be helping the ward missions focus on key indicators and then setting goals for the next month based on those indicators. We'll be in Augusta on May 6 and Savannah on May 7. Watch for pictures from those zones next weekend.
Macon Zone: Top: Elders Wood, Horan, Talbot, Pettingill, Mortensen, Woody, Morgan, Jenson, Spendlove; Mass in the Middle: Elders Ilfra, D. Smith, Murray, Wall, Moon, Garner, Rich, Crane, Beckman, Hutchison, Stallings, Hoskin, Day, Jacobson, Redford, Williams; Seated: Sisters Orme, Miller, President, Sister Evanson, Eastmans.
Albany South Zone: Top: Elders Hickman, Kunz, Sandoval, Joseph Hall, Hartley, McCarty, Teare; Middle: Elders D. Smith, Cottam, Gawdun, Shelman, Lokhorst, Godfrey, Johanson, Nelson, Murray; Seated: Elders Wood, Morgan, President, Sisters Evanson, VanPatten and Moyes.

Albany North: Top: Elders Ramsten, Genck, J. Wayman, Carlson, J. Nielson, Rice, Diaz; Middle: Elders D. Smith, Silva, Cadman, J. Clark, Sisters Craw, Green, Redman, Elders Dilts, Parker, Murray; Seated: Elders Wood, Morgan, President, Sisters Evanson and Chatterley and Elder Chatterley.

Douglas Zone: Top: Elders Levesque, White, Hale, Morgan, Kimbal, Holyoak, Barnes, Stoddard; Middle Elders: Elders D. Smith, C. Clark, Robertson, Schaat, Park, Summerhays, Christiansen, Faux, Wood, Gropper, Murray; Sisters in the middle: Sisters Jenson and Stokes; Seated Elder and Sister Barlow; Sister and President Evanson, President and Sister Fussell (Douglas Stake President and wife). For some reason this photo is real grainy...sorry about that.
You may have noticed a few faces in every picture...Elders Morgan and Wood are the assistants and train at each Zone Conference; Elders D. Smith and Murray also travel to each zone and inspect the cars during the Zone Conference...that's why Elder Smith's jacket and pants don't match in one of the pictures. They don't like to wear their good suits when they're checking fluids, etc.