Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner....

DIRECTIONS: Exit 317, Turn left at the first light (4th north). At 400 E. (Orchard Dr) turn right. At 1500 S. turn left. The street will jog and you will go right into the Church parking lot!

Who is in the Bountiful area...Adam Kirk??? Can you help the Jeppsens set up tables?? Is Michael Templeman around. Find him, Adam, and anyone else in Bountiful. Will you contact the Jeppsens (email or phone) and see about set up?


**Abbott, Jordan, wife and baby--salad
Arroyo, Richard--2 heads lettuce, broken up for sandwiches
**Atkinson, Jeremy, wife--sliced fruit
**Atwood, Ben, wife--salad
**Bailey, Heidi--dessert
**Bensons, Lloyd and Sandra--Big block sliced cheese (cheddar)
**Bench, Karl and wife--pickles, big jar
**Brians, Jensen and Mary--5 lbs. sliced beef
Bunker, Bryce--Gallon jar dill pickles (slices)
Bunker, Trevor, wife--sliced fruit
**Cadman, Zach--200 paper cups
**Carrs, Reed and Donna--Big jar Ranch dressing
**Chatterleys, Lou and Sandra--5 lbs. sliced beef
**Clarke, Kevin--2 big jars Mustard
**Devey, Brook, husband (Steve)--dessert
Drecksel, Tatum--2 Big bags corn chips
**Edmonds, Joe--Mayo (big jar)
**Evans, John--Red Wine Vinegerett Salad Dressing (it's great on Hoagies) Big Bottle
**Evansons, Brent, Dotty, Brad--5-10 lbs. sliced ham, plastic ware, coolers/punch/water
**Farmer, Dallen--2 big bags potato chips
**Florence, Riley--2 big bags potato chips
**Garner, Devon--Napkins (lots...1000)
**Gawdun, Andrew--Rolls
**Greenhalgh, Adam--Corn chips
Gropper, Taylor--assign when we know for sure he's coming
**Halbert, Ronald--2 big bags corn chips
**Hayes, Tim (Sister Hayes will be with Grandkids)--5-10 lbs sliced turkey
**Holmquist, Tyler--2 big jars salsa
**Howard, David--dessert
**Hulse, Travis--5 doz rolls
**Jenkinses, Doug and Virginia--Big block sliced cheese (something besides cheddar)
**Jeppsens, Patsy and Bob--Table paper, tape, set up
**Kinder, Zach--200 paper cups
**Kirk, Adam--200 paper plates (good quality)
**Knight, Lurlen and Janet--potato salad
**Koller, Danny, wife--salad
**Larsen, Kevan--salad
**Leishman, Michael--Gallon can of sliced olives (Sams has them)
Milam, Evrhet, Jaicy--pasta salad
**Moyes, Alli--dessert
**Murdock, April--5 doz rolls
**Nickle, Melissa--dessert
**Orme, Leslie--dessert
**Perley, David--grapes
**Redman, Rachel--5 doz rolls
**Richens, Bob--2 big mustards
**Singleton, Craig, wife (Kaity)--sliced fruit
**Slade, Travis--Salsa...big jar
**Stokes, Jaimi--possibly coming
**Swenson, Sam--Gallon of banana peppers (Sams has them)
**Thorpes, Larry and Eileen--sliced tomatoes; sliced onions...big platter
**Tingeys, Mark and Nancy--sliced tomates; sliced onions...big platter
**Turner, David and wife--Sliced fruit
**VanPatton, Shannon--5 doz rolls
Vidrine, Nathan and wife--salad
**Warr, Bryce--rolls
West, Eric--2 big bags potato chips
**Wilford, Carter--2 big bags of ice
**Wilkinson, Stephen--Dessert
**Wood, Danny--Ranch Salad Dressing, big jar
**Woody, Parker--3-4 doz. rolls
**Womack, Clint and Erica--Sliced fruit

Those I've heard from who can't make it...
Josh Saunders...He has a test with Henderson Police Dept. that night.
Kris Costello and wife...Both working that night. Baby due in Feb.
Jolee Dayley...She's in the Middle East teaching school.
Randy Bowns....Getting married this weekend.
Aaron McKinley....Soccer game. (He plays for Dixie, I think.)
I've heard from others, but just thought to start posting them so you would all know.