Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homecoming Pictures

Finally!...Some pictures from the Homecoming. I'm not even going to try and identify all of the parents, but I'll put names of Elders and Sisters who served in the Georgia Macon Mission.

Mary Brian, Scott McClellan, Bob Richens. I think that's Tony Lake and his girlfriend at the end of the table.

Matt Florence and Jeremy Atkinson (background), Fluckiger Family.

Jared Fluckiger, Matt Florence, Michael Lay, Tyler Holmquist.
Adam Kirk, Spendloves, Knutsens, Ann Andersen.

Ann Andersen, Jenkinses, Tingeys, Christian and Rachel Baldree.

Karl Bench (background), Dallen Farmer, Matthew Brenning, Lee and Vanessa McMillan, Jimmy Stewart.

Stephen Wilkinson, Landon Brown, Stephen Dixon, Kris Anderson, James Willard, Karl Bench.

Elissa Stewart and camera!

Adam Greenhalgh, Bob Richens, down the table a ways Zach Kinder, Mark Tingey (standing).

Bob and Patsy Jeppsen, Riley Florence, Brett Allen, Brooke Devey (standing in background).

Rachel Redman, Elissa Stewart, Jaimi Stokes, Alli Moyes, Melissa Nickle, Heidi Bailey.

Rachel Redman (background), Elissa Stewart, Jaimi Stokes, Sister Moyes, Alli Moyes, Carter Wilford. Standing in the background...Trace Hansen, Rachel and Christian Baldree, Tyler Holmquist.

Some parents...The Craws in the foreground.

Our Elder Russell Talbot's brother, Rebecca Carter, her parents, Matthew Brenning and I can't tell from the back...it might be Travis Hulse and his mom.

Tatum Drecksel, Adam Greenhalgh, Zach Kinder, Kellan Pecht and Bradley Boy!

Parker Woody, Tatum Drecksel, Aaron McKinley.