Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Reunion

It's time for another reunion! This will be the last GMM 05-08 Reunion for awhile. One of the goals of this reunion will be to gather info for networking in the future. (I know many of you do the Face Book thing, but for those of us who don't take the time to check what everyone is doing every five minutes or update our own page every five minutes (Can you tell Face Book perturbs me?) an old-fashioned, indexed directory of what everyone does and where they live could be a practical way of helping us keep in touch and benefit from each others' areas of expertise. Example: If I move to San Antonio and Elder Hanks is a dentist near me, I want to know so he can do my root canal! If I move to SLC and Elder Womack is a real estate guy, I want him to help me find a house. If I'm in Provo and need flowers I need Sister Nickle. You get the idea. I'll update it periodically, so as you move or start a new business or profession let me know. I'm not sure how this will work, but I will figure it out with your help. We will post it electronically. I'm thinking a blog...maybe we'll keep it on this one. So....

eMail me:
1. Coming to the reunion or not coming to the reunion. If you are coming tell me what you can bring.
2. What you do
3. Where you live with contact info
4. Family status (married, kids, etc.)

Now for reunion stuff. I played with the idea of having a fireside format where we dress up, meet in the chapel and let President Evanson teach for an hour, then have punch and cookies and visit in the cultural hall. However, President says don't break what has worked. So, we're back to everyone bring something. We'll eat and visit and sing the theme song and gather directory info. We'll do the same menu (hoagies, chips, fruit, salad, cookies). I'll start posting what you can bring. Senior Couples and Sisters, will you sign up for meat? We'll see where this goes!

We really are anxious to see you all again. We hope lots of you can make it. If we haven't seen you since the mission, please try really hard to attend...there's just something about seeing your face and feeling your Spirit.

Now, back to you Face Bookers, please help me get the word out. I know with you posting, word travels much faster than just me emailing...I need you!