Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reunion Sept. 30, 2011

Barlows--large toss salad
Costello, Kristopher & Lindsay-- watermelon
Day, Brody and Nikki--chips and homemade salsa
Dilts, Danny and Allie-- chips
Evansons-- waffle cookies
Fuhriman, Trevor & friend--utensils (100)
Gardner, Michael-- cookies
Hoskins, Chris--plates (100)
Hulse, Travis--2 cases of water
Jeppsen, Bob and Patsy-- turkey (5 lbs.)
Koelling, Curtis--mayo
Kunz, Mark & wife--napkins
Molis, Blake & Jennifer-- chips (2 bags)
Moyes, Allison (see Dilts)
Murdock, April & friend-- salad
Nickle, Melissa-- dessert
Oldroyds (Mission Doctor)--dessert
Parker, Jonathan & wife--dill pickles
Redman, Rachel--cheese (sliced)
Seavers, Eileen--(see Thorpe)
Skousen, Brent & Lacey-- chips
Spendlove, Aaron--sliced cheese (2 lbs.)
Taylor, Jonathan--rolls (2 doz.)
Thorpe, Larry and Eileen--grapes (Eileen Seavers)
VanPatten, Shannon--dessert
Warr, Bryce & Kristie--salad
Wheeler (Favre), Sarah & Joe--beef (5 lbs. sliced)
Womack, Clint--rolls (2 doz.)
Wood, Danny & Jennifer--watermelon