Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Is Going To Be Great...

Today, President and I were in Tifton and one of the members there (Sister Seamons) told me they loved to look at the blog. The members here in the South want to know what's happening in your lives, so take time to send me a pic so we can keep everyone updated. Have you called any of your converts recently??? It's always a good idea to stay in touch.
Joe Edmunds and Zach Kinder: I (Sister E.) posted this. They sent it right after they got home and I saved it. They are bear hunting and even got a bear.
April Murdock: (This is not one of the pictures she sent, but one I had from an earlier correspondence. I couldn't get either of the more recent ones to load.) There's too much to say in one sentence besides I LOVE LIFE!, so you can email me at The first pic came from Uganda the summer of 2007 when my neighbor kids started playing school with a blackboard and the books they borrowed from us. Pic 2, Jared Hamilton is in my San Diego YSA ward and celebrated with me at my golden 26th b-day on March 26th. Love the 80s. (Sister Murdock, try sending those pictures as jpg...I think they wouldn't load because they were bitmaps, also send me Jared Hamilton's email...please.)
Christian Baldree: Christian and Rachel are super busy as most newly weds are. He's finishing school, working full time and getting ready for Law School while Rachel teaches music at a local elementary school, they both love being married and are excited to have children soon!

Jolee Dayley: I live and teach high school in the Washington, DC area and just got back from two great weeks in Europe. (This picture was taken from the top of the Duomo in Florence, Italy.) My time in DC is coming to a close though, because I got a new teaching job for next year and will be moving to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in August. I'll be there for 3 years and would love visitors! I'm excited to travel the other half of the world! Maybe in the process I can meet some rich oil sheik who wants to convert and make me his wife :-)

Tim and Kathy Hayes: The Gilberts and the Hayes' hanging out at the St. George Temple. What a beautiful way to share with friends you love than go to the temple together.

Allison Bair: Jon and I were married Feb 16th 2007. Doing well, living in Colorado Springs. Hello to everyone!

Ben Hess: Hey moving to Arizona soon so if you need to get in contact with me my e-mail is or there is a call me feature on my website (if you use that, don't be obnoctious or I'll make it so you always get the answering machine).

Adam Kirk: "None of you are the least bit surprised, you all knew I'd end up like this."