Friday, February 15, 2008


I have received a request to clarify the music standard for the GMM Missionaries. One poor mom sent her son a CD she thought was great, only to have him return it saying he wanted to be exactly obedient and this CD didn't fit the music standard. What a great young man! This mom is going through what I went through when we first came to the mission....there's lots of great songs, but I learned most aren't appropriate for missionaries. The Lord's missionaries have to teach with the Spirit if they are to be effective. The Spirit is very sensitive and we want to do everything we can to keep the Spirit with us. Here's the guidelines from the GMM Handbook:

Georgia Macon Mission Music Standard:
1. During the week (Tuesday-Sunday)
-Mormon Tabernacle Choir
-BYU Choir recordings
-Instrumental Hymns (Piano, orchestra, guitar)
-Classical Music (100 year old classics)
-Hymns by other artists that would be appropriate for Sacrament Mtg. (This was just added.)
-Talks on tape (CD) that have gone through correlation, i.e. talks by the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve, The First Quorum of Seventy...any other talks on tape should be cleared by the President or Assistants.

2. Preparation Day Music
-All of the above listed, plus...
-Any other music that would be appropriate for Sacrament Meeting

3. Christmas Music
-Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music
-BYU Choirs doing Christmas Music
-Instrumental or Orchestra Christmas Hymns
-Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Music
-Classical Christmas songs by other artists (use good judgment and common sense; no groups that do not represent our standards). Examples of such songs: Do You Hear What I Hear; Were You There; Little One; White Christmas, O Holy Night. Please, no rock and roll or hard western music.

I hope this helps as you select CDs to send to your missionary. I also hope your missionary has been writing you about the direction missionary work is going. Elder L. Tom Perry, who now heads up the missionary department has directed us and members to focus on:
1. All full-time missionaries being Preach My Gospel Missionaries, which includes working closely with the members.
2. Every member being actively involved in the Ward Mission. He has specifically asked that each organization represented at the ward council (HP, RS, EQ, YW, YM, Prim, SS, Ward Missionaries) be responsible for at least one convert baptism per year. Members are to find the people and the missionaries will teach them.

It's my hope that we'll all seriously consider our own responsibility in helping the world to understand our beliefs. Have a great week...hope Valentine's Day was full of love for you all.