Monday, February 18, 2008

Weather Watch!

Well, high winds + high trees = big problem! I questioned whether or not to post these pictures...I was a missionary's mom once...but I decided it was best to let you see a little of Georgia weather and to let you know Heavenly Father watches over us. The tree fell when the office was empty. We had tornado sirens going in Macon and a few other areas of the mission last night (Feb. 17), but none of the missionary apartments or the mission home were touched. The office, however, didn't fare so well. Luckily, though, the tree (Satan's fiery dart) fell on the back conference room...away from all the computers, files, etc. The church rents the office so the landlord is responsible for repairs. The interesting thing about this "tree on the roof" is that it is only the very top of the Georgia pine. Below you can see the major part of the tree which is still standing. This tree was taller than those around it...I guess we learn from this experience that being taller (or more proud) isn't the way to be! Elder Eastman estimated the tree to be well over 100 ft. high, before it was humbled.From a lofty beginning...

To a humbled end...with Elder D. Smith dancing in the background! Actually, he is tiptoeing through the puddles...lots of rain during the storm.