Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zone Leader Council

Zone Leader Council was held at the mission home on February 26. Below are the zone leaders, assistants and office elders. When Elder Zwick did the mission tour he suggested we hold zone leader councils every month right after the 4th Sunday, rather than every transfer (6 weeks). The reason being so we could be more supportive of the local units by discussing their goals which they are to establish each month in ward council on the 4th Sunday. The direction from Elder L. Tom Perry is for the full-time missionaries to support the ward missions in every way. We are working to coordinate our efforts more fully with the ward's efforts. Discussion today focused on the missionaries working with each auxiliary to help them in their responsibility to have at least one convert baptism per year. The missionaries are in a sensitive position...they do not have the keys to direct the ward in their labors, but they can encourage and support. The wards are to get their training from the stake president, who has been trained by our Area Seventy (Elder Posey). The missionaries will then work with the wards and the individual auxiliaries. They will be talking with the auxiliary leaders about getting families to fellowship investigators and encouraging the auxiliaries to find people for the missionaries to teach.
Top: Elder Barnett, President, Elder Fister, Elder Bingham, Elder Levesque.
Center Section: Elder Slade, Elder D. Smith, Elder Warr, Elder Morgan, Elder Crane, Elder Woody, Elder French, Elder Forbes.
Bottom Section: Elder Parker, Elder Gawdun, Elder Wood, Elder Shelman, Elder Murray, Elder J. Clark, Elder C. Clark.