Monday, March 17, 2008

Springtime in Georgia

It's springtime in Georgia. President was in Waycross yesterday and said South Georgia has even more flowers than Macon. The flowering pears and the azaleas are beginning to bloom in Macon, but are really gorgeous farther south. We will be in Albany and Douglas later in the week so I'll get some pictures and post them this weekend. Macon will be in full bloom by the end of the month. There are literally tens of thousands of flowering cherries in Macon. They are just starting to bud. Macon hosts the annual Cherry Blossom Festival starting on March 28 to April 8. It is the most beautiful time of the year. Add to the cherries, pears, and azaleas the dogwoods, wisteria, magnolias, and a ton more I don't know the names of and Southern Georgia turns into heaven. From now until the end of July there will be lots of flowers in Georgia.
The mission home is starting to turn green. You can see the azaleas beginning to bloom.
A flowering pear down the street from the mission home.

A close-up of a pink azalea in our flower bed. Notice the "pine straw" which is used as a ground cover in most flower beds in Georgia. The pine needles are slightly acidic and keep the weeds down. They actually bale the pine needles and then you shake out the bales around the flowers.

A deeper pink azalea...the home you see is our neighbors'.