Monday, March 31, 2008

We Have A Loving Heavenly Father...

...and He has blessed us with an incredibly beautiful world. Elder and Sister Eastman took some pictures this last weekend, and I just want to share them with you. The amazing thing is you see these kinds of scenes everywhere you look. The cherry blossoms, wisteria and azaleas are the best we have seen in our three years in Georgia. Enjoy and be grateful...
Downtown Macon...The Cherry Blossom Festival is in full swing this week. Macon sports thousands more cherry blossom trees than Washington D.C.
A typical residential view...

Notice the "tree chopper"...he's up there starting to humble "the brother" of the pine that fell on the office. Both trees were totally grounded this last weekend in order to save us from further crashes.

In Macon, residents put pink bows and wreaths on doors and mailboxes to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival.

In case the cherry blossoms don't take your breath away, wisteria hangs everywhere.

And the azaleas come in all sizes and colors.

Could it be any more beautiful?

How would you like to take your daily walk down this path?