Thursday, October 11, 2007

Augusta Zone Conference, Oct. 9, 2007

Pic #1: Elders Rice, Hutchison (Taken at a previous zone conference. Somehow I missed getting Elder Rice this week.) Pic #2: Rerun of a larger picture you'll see below, except Elder Diaz is in this one...kneeling. Pic #3: Kunz, Talbot, Faux, Barnes, Koelling, M.Smith. Pic #4: Elders Shelman, Bingham, Sisters Carter, VanPatten, background: Parker, Day, Talbot.

Sr. Couples: The Bensons and The Nielsons

Standing (by heads): Elders Randall, P.Smith, Day, Barnes, Shelman, Horan, Manning, Dilts, Williams, ghost(who knows, C.Clark I think), Parker, Martin
Kneeling: Elders Kunz, J.Clark, Bingham

Pic #1: Elders Williams, Redford, P. Smith
Pic #2: Elders Kunz, Martin, Petersen, Horan
Pic #3: Elders Faux, Petersen, Barnett, Koelling
Pic #4: Barnes, Shelman, Dilts, J. Clark, Barnett