Thursday, October 11, 2007

Savannah Zone Conference Oct. 10, 2007

We finished Zone Conferences on Wednesday, October 10. The last one being held in Savannah. The missionaries now must go to work updating and using their Area Books daily. They were taught that their Area Books reflect how they feel about their area. They will be coordinating with the Ward Mission Leader and Bishop to keep the Area Books up to date and a true reflection of the inspired service the missionaries and members give to the area. We also reviewed Preach My Gospel DVDs that illustrated helping members become more involved in finding people to teach.

There were a few missionaries I missed for pictures. I'll be watching for them down the road. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I won't be posting as many in the future. I got caught up in learning how to make the captions stay by the pictures. I must admit they are a good looking group, but more important they're good. We are grateful to be serving with them.

Elders: Carr, Beckman, Bell, J.Wayman, Cottam, C.Kimbal, O'Rullian, Parker

Elders Stoddard, C.Kimbal, Murray

Elders Moon, J.Nielson, White

Lunch: Elders Cottam, Parker, Ilfra, Fowers, J.Clark

Standing: Elders Bell, Lambert, Beard
Seated: Elders Poole, Jackson, Gropper

Lunch Time: Elders Nelson, Reed, J.Wayman, Poole, Slade, Jackson

Sisters Orme and Stewart, Elders Cottam, Murray and Beckman

In the hall after Zone Conference: Elders Fitzgerald, Parker, Greenhalgh, Ilfra, Lambert, Snow, Tanner, Bell (I think), J.Clark, White.

Seniors at Lunch: Standing The Carrs; Seated: Sisters Hedrick and Tanner, The Harpers and The Larsens.