Friday, October 5, 2007

Zone Conferences: Macon, Albany, Douglas

OK, When I posted the little pictures and added captions, they were all over the place and you couldn't tell what went where. So, I'm trying to explain them all in one spot. Hopefully, you can figure this out. #1: Pouring Punch: Elders Hickman, McCarty, Jacobson, Forbes, Teare. #2: Lady in Blue: The Chatterleys and one of three Elder Halls. #3: Smiling Trio: Elders Heiner, Morgan, Pepper. #4: 5 Elders Posing: Schaat, Clinton, Warr, Corbridge, Fuhriman. #5: Pink Ties on Big Boys: Hunt, Rowell, Johanson, D. Smith, Godfrey. #6: At Computer: J. Clark, Dilts, Parker, Levesque. #7: Smiling Elder &Papers on Table: Elder Howard and Ogden, Sister Brumage in background. #8: Reading Elders: Molis and Crane, Pres. in background. #9: Foursome: Spencer, C. Clark (front), Slade, Robertson (back). #10: Sisters and One: Sisters Redman and Poulstrup, Elder Godfrey behind. #11: Table: Hutchison, Hartley, Richens, Silva, J. Clark (standing), Price, Woody. #12: Talking with Pres: Elders McClellan and K. Nielson. (Maybe I could get a job naming great art!) Hopefully, I've learned some things and I'll have captions closer to pictures.

After we eat, the missionaries line up and sing a song for the ladies who have provided lunch. Above, Elders: Corbridge, Clark, Teare, Slade, Takapu, Robertson, Schaat, Spendlove.

The Ward Relief Societies provide lunch under the direction (assignment) of the Stake Relief Society President. The meals are wonderful and much appreciated. Missionaries above are: Elders Conlin, Slade, Hoskin (thumbs up), Lockhorst, Parker, Mortensen, Cadman. Menu for this day was chicken pot pie, salad, rolls and cake.

Signing the Thank You Card after lunch: Elders French, Beverly (background), Brunson, Rogers (background), K. Nielson, Lanman, Gawdun, Rowell (seated).
Albany Stake Elders: Rich, Garner, Heiner
Missionaries in Albany prior to Zone Conference beginning: Elders Rogers, Gardner, Fister, Holyoak

Douglas Zone Conference: Studying before the meeting begins. Pictured: Front: Elders Silva, Hartley, Wood, Mortensen; Back: Tingeys, Woody, Price; Standing: Sisters Barnes, Nickle, Elder Slade.

Zone Conferences in Macon, Albany and Douglas were held this last week. We will be out in Augusta and Savannah next week. Instruction centered around the new DVDs for Preach My Gospel. Missionaries learned how better to work with members in a variety of ways. The Area Books will now be kept by the missionaries and the Ward Mission Leader. This is new direction from Elder L. Tom Perry who is the new director of missionary work. Up until now only missionaries have kept Area Books. Hopefully, this will help the members be more involved in this urgent work. I'll post pictures from Augusta and Savannah next weekend. Enjoy conference!