Saturday, December 1, 2007

Albany Zone Conference November 14

Remember Albany Moms, you can double click on the picture
to get it enlarged so you get a better view! I got pictures during
lunch in Albany. Albany North and Albany South Zones attend
the Albany Zone Conference.

Elders Thompson and Holyoak at left. I think they look like
Right: Sisters Tenney, Brumage, Chatterley, Elder Chatterley
and President.

Left: Elders J. Clark, Gropper, Joseph Hall, Slade, Heiner
and Barnett.
Right: Elders Stallings, French, Rowell, Howard, Brunson
and T. Wayman.

Left: Elders Ilfra, Forbes, Carlson, Garner.
Right: Elder Sharpe, Sisters Thomas, Miller, Poulstrup,
Redman, Elders C. Clark and Morgan

Left: Elders Godfrey, Ogden, Warr, Johanson, A. Hall,
Rogers and Holyoak
Right: Elders Stoddard, Thompson, Dilts, D. Smith,
K. Nielson, Beverley

Elders Johanson, A. Hall, Rogers