Saturday, December 1, 2007

Douglas Zone Conference November 15

The Douglas Zone Conference is always an event.
After the conference, while traveling to Augusta
we found six missionaries out in a cotton field, so
we stopped and took President's picture with them.
Also, during the Douglas Conference, Elders Hoskin
and Hutchison had a "surprise" for the President....
his very own Chuck Norris-variation t-shirt...
"There is Nothing To Fear, But President Evanson
Itself!" I understand we have Elder Hoskin's dad
to thank for providing the shirts for the whole
zone! Douglas is our smallest zone, but they are

Left: In the cotton field: Elders J. Clark, Crane,
C. Clark, President, Slade, Molis and Dilts
Right: Sister Barnes, Elders Wood and Mortensen
Sister Moyes is at the piano and I didn't take a
picture...sorry, I'll make up for it next time!

Left: Elders Hoskin, Conlin, Richens and Hutchison
Right: Elders Lokhorst, Christiansen, Molis, Crane

Elders Hartley, Silva, Hale and Price
Background: Elder Tingey