Saturday, December 1, 2007

Savannah Zone Conference, November 20

The Savannah Zone Conference includes the Savannah North and the Savannah South Zones. It is a large group. Pictures were taken just prior to zone conference beginning, except the couple that show missionaries in the cultural hall. Those pictures were taken at lunch time. Be sure to double click and open if you want to see the pictures enlarged.

Left: Elders Nelson and J. Wayman
Right: Sisters Orme, Stewart and Harper with Elder

Left: Elders White, M. Kimball, J. Nielson, Reed
Right: Elders Murray, Randall, Cottam

Pictures at lunch time: Left: Sister Evanson, Elders
M. Kimball, Nelson, Reed, Park, Parker, Dilts (kneeling)
Right: Elders Murray, C. Kimbal, Cottam, Randall

Left: Larsens and Sisters Tanner and Hedrick
Right: Elders Gawdun, Greenhalgh, Park
Left: Elders Jackson, Poole, Moon (back)
Right: Elders Beckman, Kunz, Bell, Lambert

Left: Elders Tanner, McKinley, Moon, Parker, C. Kimbal
Right: Elders M. Kimball, J. Nielson, Reed

Elders Pettingill, Manning, Beard, Snow