Friday, December 21, 2007


Merry Christmas to you all. We just got home from the last Zone Conference/Meetings with the missionaries prior to Christmas. They are all in the Holiday Spirit. I'll add some more candids and get names on these pictures later (probably after Christmas), but I wanted you to at least "see" your missionary. We are so thankful for them and grateful to you for your support. We couldn't ask for a better group. They're happy, they're hard working, they're grateful and we love them. We all wish you a very Merry Christmas...and remember that phone call is only for 40 minutes!!
Macon: Top: Elders Pettingill, Clinton, O'Rullian, Spendlove, Wall, Spencer, Jacobsen, Slade, Wood; Standing behind chairs: Elders Takapu, Corbridge, Teare, Woody, Skinner, Godfrey, Hoskin, Fister, Collings, Garner, Schaat, Dilts, McKee, J. Clark, C. Clark; Seated: The Eastmans (office couple), The Evansons and Sisters Nickle and Stokes.

Savannah South: Elders Gawdun, Diaz, Snow, Manning, A. Hall, Slade and Wood; Behind chairs: President, Elders C. Clark, K. Nielson, C. Kimbal, Greenhalgh, Blackmer, Randall, Murray; Seated: Sisters Tanner, & Hedrick, The Larsens and Sisters Stewart and Orme. Savannah South gets the "Waving Picture" because the more serious verson had a glitch.

Savannah North: Back: Elders C. Clark, Moon, Kunz, Heiner, Ramsten, J. Nelson, Reed, M. Kimball; Standing directly behind chairs: Elders Price, Bell, Beacham, White, Parker, Jackson, Gardner; Seated: Elder Slade, President, The Harpers, Elders Bingham, Tanner and Wood
Douglas: Top: Elders C. Clark, Mortensen, Molis, French, Silva, D. Smith, Faux; Middle Mass: Elders J. Clark, visitor (white suit), Slade, Hutchison, Levesque, Hartley, Hale, Park, Summerhays, Dilts, Christiansen, Wood, Redford, Conlin; Seated: Evansons and Sisters Barnes & Moyes

Augusta: Top: Elders Shelman, Rice, Slade, Horan, Talbot, Benjamin, Martin, Williams, Cadman, Wood, Lanman, Day; Middle Row: Elders Jeff Hall, Beverley, Poole, Koelling, Beckman, Fowers, Rich, Beard, P. Smith, Crane, C. Clark, Robertson, President; Seated: The Bensons, The Nielsons, Sisters Carter and Van Patten.
Albany South: Standing: Elders C. Clark, Rogers, Hickman, Dilts, J. Clark, Thompson, Stallings, Sandoval, Lokhorst, Barnett, McCarty, D. Smith, Brunson, T. Wayman, Cottam, Slade, Wood; Seated: Evansons, Elders Carlson, Morgan and Sisters Miller and Poulstrup.

Albany North: Standing Mass: Elders Ilfra, Sharpe, J. Nielson, Rowell, J. Clark, Dilts, Forbes, C. Clark, Ogden, Chatterley, Holyoak, Sister Chatterley, J. Wayman, Johanson, Warr, Joseph Hall (I'll try to find a pic of him in the candids and get it posted), Gropper, Slade, Wood. Seated: Evansons, Sisters Brumage, Tenney, Thomas and Redman.
If there are any mistakes (spelling) or confusion of who is who just email me at I've gone through this rather quickly.