Saturday, December 1, 2007

Augusta Zone Conference, November 16

Generally, the Augusta Zone Conference is held the same week as Savannah, which is usually the week after Macon, Albany and Douglas. However, this time we did four conferences in a week. I must have been tired because I missed getting pictures of Sisters Carter and VanPatten and Elders P. Smith and Barnes. I'll do better next time...they were there. If you double click on the picture and then choose "open" it will enlarge the picture so you can see it better. You can then right click and save or print.

Left: Elders Lanman and Horan
Right: The Bensons and the Nielsons

Left: Elders Koelling, Rich, Talbot, Benjamin, Redford
and Cadman.
Right: Front: Elders Jeff Hall and Faux; Back Elders
Bingham, Day and Shelman

Left: Elders Petersen, Fowers, Rice, Diaz
Right: Elders Jeff Hall, Faux, Talbot, Koelling

Elders Martin, Williams, Petersen, Fowers, Rice, Diaz