Friday, June 13, 2008

Albany Zone Conference

The Albany Zone Conference was held on June 11. After I got these pictures posted I realized I didn't have Sister Chatterley or Elder Hutchison in any of them. You can see Sister Chatterley in the background on one of the lunch pictures, but I don't know where Elder Hutchison was...usually he's right in front of my camera! I will find an older pic and get it posted! He was there and he did a great job in skills practice...... Guess what...I found him, and it's not an older pic, it was taken on June 11.Elders Rice and Hutchison.
Elders McCarty, Joseph Hall and Diaz....with Elder Spendlove in the background.

Elders Chatterley, Hickman and Kunz.

Sister Moyes and Elder Spendlove.

Elders Joseph Hall and Carlson.

Sisters Green and Drinkall with Elders Genck, Spendlove and Hartley in the background.

We had them all bring a tie for us to add to our missionary quilt. We didn't cut any of them because they're not going anywhere...for awhile at least. Elders Cadman, Park, Ramsten, Diaz, Garner, Godfrey and Sandoval.

Lunch time!...Elders Rice, Diaz, Park, Hickman, Forbes, Hartley and Parker.

Elders Teare, Shelman, Kunz, Poole, McCarty and J. Wayman.

Elders Cadman, Johanson, Dilts, D. Smith, Murray, A. Hall, and Genck.

Sisters Barnes, Green and Craw. Elders Carlson, J. Clark, Spendlove and Ramsten.

Elders Tanner, Garner, Godfrey, Jospeh Hall, Sandoval and Morgan.