Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting To Know Some Missionaries...

Sister Zaun arrived on Saturday, June 14. She comes to us from Hamburg, Germany. What an asset she is going to be. She carries a very strong spirit and is so anxious to be useful to her Heavenly Father. Sister Brumage, her companion, picked her up Saturday evening and they were off to Albany.
Sister Brumage and Sister Zaun.
This picture is primarily for President and Sister Bowman. These are the office people...and what a great group they are. Elder Murray (cars), Elder Morgan (assistant), Elder Poole (referrals), Elder D. Smith (training Elder Poole and then going back out in the field), Sister Eastman (mission secretary), Elder Tanner (assistant) and Elder Eastman (financial secretary...along with anything else that needs doing). The young elders work in the office part time and then proselyte. The Eastmans are in the office full time. We couldn't get along without any of them....and the young elders are working on keeping a neat office! Progress is being made.