Thursday, June 19, 2008

Augusta Zone Conference...

The Augusta Zone Conference was held June 17, 2008. I've posted some candids from lunch and then pictures of the elders and sisters right after training.

Elders Tanner, Randall and Warr. Elder and Sister Nielson.

Names starting in front and moving clockwise around the tables...Table 1: Elders Nelson, Poole, D. Smith, K. Nielson, Murray, Christiansen and Fuhriman. Table 2: Sister Neider, Elders Cottam, Spencer, Fister, Morgan, Thompson and Sister Thomas.

Table 3: Elders Barnes, Snow, Jackson, Corbridge, Kimball, Bell and Slade.

Seated: Elders Fuhriman and Randall; Standing: Elders Spencer and K. Nielson.
Sister and Elder Nielson, Elders Kimball and Nelson.

Elders Bell, Cottam and Warr.

Sisters Thomas and Neider.

Elders Jackson, Thompson, Snow and Barnes.

Elders Christiansen, Corbridge, Slade and Fister.