Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look Who's New...

June 25 started very early for Sisters Clark and Jenson, along with Elders Weaver, Bytheway, Taylor and Merriam. They were up by 3:00 am, checking in at the travel desk at the MTC at 4:00 am and arriving in Atlanta about 1:00 pm. (It was pretty hot today...about 95 with humidity.)We brought them to the mission home which is about an hour and 15 minutes from the airport. They rested, visited, wrote letters home and then we had dinner about 5:00, and had a devotional afterward. They are now on their way to bed. Thank you, families, for helping them prepare and serve. We are anxious to get them out in the field tomorrow with their trainers. They will be sharing their testimonies, visiting with Georgians and beginning an experience that will be foundational for their lives. We're glad to have them!
Sisters Clark and Jenson.
Elders Weaver, Bytheway, Taylor and Merriam.

The Elders and Sisters with President and Sister Evanson.

At the airport, with the assistants, Elder Morgan and Elder Tanner.