Thursday, June 19, 2008

Savannah Zone Conference...

The Savannah Zone Conference was on June 18, 2008. First, I've posted some candids from lunch, which include some of the Savannah Relief Society sisters who fed us. We so appreciate all of the members who do so much to help the missionaries. The pictures are small, but you can double-click to enlarge them. I've labled the larger pictures at the bottom which show each missionary in the Savannah zones.

Sister and Elder Harper, Sisters Tanner and Trappett.

Elder and Sister Larsen.

Elders P. Smith, T. Wayman, Beverley and Martin.

Elders Skinner, Hale, Foster and Fowers.

Elders Schaat, Sharpe, Molis and Collings.

Elders Manning, Wall, Price and Blackmer.

Elders Barnett, Wood, Heiner and Bingham.

Elders Benjamin, Koelling, Alvord and Conlin.

Elders Levesque, French, Brunson and McKee.