Friday, June 13, 2008

Macon Zone Conference...

Macon Zone Conference was held June 10. Somehow, Elder and Sister Eastman evaded my camera. I'll get them later.... All these pics were taken at lunch time and the missionaries were all into "posing."
Elders Lokhorst, Crane and Rowell.
Elders Murray, Talbot and Day.

Sisters Miller and Orme.

They all brought ties for our missionary quilt. Elders Horan, Lokhorst, Beacham and Pettingill.
Elders Horan, Mortensen, Poole, Woody (hidden), Jenson, Beckman; front Elders Stallings, Hoskin and Morgan.

Sister Orme, Elders Rich, Hoskin, Morgan, Tracy, Williams, and Horan.

Elders Ilfra, Mortensen, Crane, Jenson, Redford, Moon and Tracy.

Elders Mortensen, Beckman (hidden), Poole, Woody, Jenson, Hoskin and Morgan.