Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cutting Them Loose on June 24...

Cutting them loose is never easy, but this time it was really tough because we are also getting cut loose! The pictures below show some excellent missionaries who have reached the point where we can say, "Mission Accomplished!" Thank you for letting them be part of our lives.
Standing: Elders Woody, Barnett, Godfrey, Mortensen, Warr and Sister Moyes. Seated: Sister and Elder Larsen, Sister and President Evanson. I insisted on holding the hydrengias...they are from the mission home yard and although I can't take credit for growing them, I just wanted to show their beauty off. Georgia does do flowers really well.

Elder Woody and Elder Tanner.

Elder Warr and Elder Tanner.

Elder Godfrey and Elder Morgan.

Sister and President Evanson.

Elder Barnett and Elder Morgan.

Elder and Sister Larsen.

Sister Evanson and Sister Moyes.

Elder Mortensen and Elder Tanner.

What a great looking group. They spent the day boxing up and loading all of our stuff. We had a moving van arrive and it must have been the movers' lucky day because they had never seen so much help. J.R., the head mover, said this was the best crew he'd ever worked with. I was grateful they were there or we'd have still been wrapping and boxing! Below is the whole crew with J.R. (who has on a suit jacket that goes with a suit President gave him...he's going to wear it to church) and Bryant. Both agreed to have the Warner Robins missionaries come and teach them. Who could turn down getting to be with more missionaries???